What should I write about ?

I was pondering for too long today .
I don’t know what should I write about .
About vanishing humanity, or
People loosing sanity,
About the good things still left
Or my heart bereft ( of love).
About the rain drops on the window pane,
Or should I bring out some hidden pain ?
What should I write about?
Right now everything seems like a doubt .

Zindagi ! (Life)


Zindagi ek khwab hai ,

Yaha chehro se zyada naqab hai.

Khud Ko dhoond paana nhi hai asaan,

Har chaal ke Baad palat jaata hai paasa.

Sabke man me bhot se gile,

Kyuki jo chaha woh kabhi na mila.

Koi rooth jata hai,

Toh koi Zeher bhi ghoot jata hai.

Zindagi ek khwab hai

Yaha chehro se zyada naqab hai…

Hui thi jab me ghar se pare ,

Apne sapno ke jhole Ko bhare,

Dil me tha ek ajeeb sa dar

Aur ankhe ayi thi bhar.

Kaise rahoongi apno se fanaa ?

Kaun dega muje panaah…

Yaha ake dil ne jaana

Zindagi ek khwaab hai ,

Yaha chehro se zyada naqab hai…….









In a world…

In a world where everybody is running late

And there is a lot of hate

Let’s all give us a break
And think of what is it. .. for we have put all our time on stake
The silver you earn may not outlast
For the time we have, is our last.
Eventually everything will become a past,
And the things to be explored are vast.
Life gave you a lot of chances,
To take a moment and dance it.
But you kept waiting for that home run
Thinking, that is all you could have done.