You don’t scare me… and I need you to read this.

Day after day, the newspaper ink is shamelessly spilled into some gory details of the ” weaker” gender, you know what, it doesnt scare me.
On 2nd page , you tell me justice is served by putting to death some 4 men !… while the first page boasts of another bunch of the same category more gruesome, more brutual.
You tell me, it happens elsewhere too, stronger controls now, women squad team, emergency nos, my male friend will drop me home, ohh… self defence .. learn it, it will get better. over and over and over again ! blah.. blah.. blah.. ,
you dont give me hope any more, for I know it’s just a matter of days that these bloody newspapers will be lining your shelves , sold for pennys or just lying rotting, forgotten like the news in them.
And again fresh ones will come …
But you don’t scare me anymore.
~ Tanya M. ( you don’t scare me !)

( For anyone looking for context, this is what I have to say to all those front page headlines talking about gruesome rapes and horrific brutality day after day)

Ye Dil 💕 (This heart ! )

Ye Dil ka Jo haal hai

Bada bemisaal hai…

Dikhata hai ye kai sapne,

Aur vash me nahi rehta Apne

Bekaboo bekaraar bekhabar hai ,

Fir bhi pata nhi ise kiska Sabar hai…

Kabhi Khushiyan ati hai iske Naam,

To kabhi ansuo ke Peeta hai ye jaam

Ye Dil ka Jo haal hai

Bada bemisaal hai…

Is Dil Ko woh kabhi bhi mila,

Jise dekh kar ye kabhi khila.

Pyaar me hojate hai is Dil se kayi gunaah,

Aur ye Dil rota h , fir bhi tune alag hi raasta chuna…

Yaad to ab bhi karta hai Dil teri…

Kehta hai kabhi to puri hogi meri ye kahani

Ye Dil…..💔