What should I write about ?

I was pondering for too long today .
I don’t know what should I write about .
About vanishing humanity, or
People loosing sanity,
About the good things still left
Or my heart bereft ( of love).
About the rain drops on the window pane,
Or should I bring out some hidden pain ?
What should I write about?
Right now everything seems like a doubt .

Speechless 😞

I may say a thousand things like I am ashamed,
I feel bad ,
I feel sad ,
I feel mad !
But deep down I know these have merely turned into rheoterics.
Everyday I hear a new case
I see ‘disgust’ take a new face !
My poem will not bring her and a thousand other ‘hers’ back
Neither will your tweets,
Or a front page headline..
Empty promises and stone hearts ,
The same ones from the past !
Humanity staring at us … aghast ,
But I still write with the hope that
Someday it will melt a heart ,
Heal a soul so teared apart .
Today I may be fine ,
Writing this poem from my room

But am I  Just waiting for my doom?

#No words #Rape