The Pandemic

Always I have written for me  before anyone else but my words are for anyone and everyone who seeks comfort in them.

But today, it feels different.

Every inch of paper thats absorbing my pain , every ounce of ink .. every  word, I am using is adding to my guilt, for in times like  these , these words may and I hope they do find someone who need them more than me.

I dont know if all this makes sense to the reader, but for now I am keeping the pen down for I have added enough guilt.

Also, I hope everyone is safe out there.

Sending lots of love hope and light !

A confession

Thousands of words and hundreds of verses for the world out there to read,
and all this while its been my need.
And today I’d confess of not being a poet or a ‘writer’
but rather a fighter.
Now before you indulge in this cringy rhyme
let me lay this for you..
every now and then when life seems to get a bit much… my soul turns into a battle field and every emotion on the run find its way on the paper like blood flowing out of a wound on a cotton gauze.
And if my words touches any readers,
Dear you , I admire you for being brave enough to have acknowledged your struggles or kind enough to understand mine.
Thankyou 🙂

From me, to me ❤

Happy Birthday?

Just another year passing by in a jiffy.

It’s hard to admit that time passes by so quickly
One year ago, you never know what you were doing,and one year hence it’s the same damn thing all over again.
And How every year my heart is filled up to brim and questioning me every second , the day before the ‘special’ day,
Why do you want to celebrate?
Well to the heart and from the heart …
I dont know , why I should or should’nt be happy on my birthday. Surrounded by tonnes of wishes makes me more anxious than ever.
I ponder hard, on my achievements all thru the year. And maybe it takes just two seconds to count em all or some years just none.

But if I were to be real with you, dear heart,

every passing day in the last 365 days felt like little victories and I did celebrate everyday in some way or other.

And today, if you say, it’s just a reminder to be as I am and to live life in small moments everyday.
The rituals may or may not make me happy but the reminder does bring a smile on my face.
Today I take this courage to wish myself a ‘THANK YOU’

( Birthday blues are real..pheww)

Birthdays are stupid?

It’s been a long time since I posted anything.

Hello Everyone!

So a few days back I ‘celebrated’ my 22nd birthday. Well you must be wondering why that celebrated is in quotes.

One day before my birthday I was day dreaming about how happy and happening tomorrow will be for me. Then it hit me, that my everyday can be this happy, this exciting … but only if I choose to make it that way.

By now this post has started sounding cliché but the only wisdom my 22nd birthday taught me is the concept of birthdays is stupid.😂I am sorry

Go on .. have a big cake on your birthday..but hey, don’t forget to have a small pastry everyday.❤️

Ok I am done. Bye for now.

A moment with my soul 🖤

So my city faced a storm yesterday and as a result a power failure.🙄 ( Typical Indian situation) . What good could come out of it when its too hot , the ac wouldn’t work, my phone had minimal battery aaand I cannot watch the IPL ! 🙄 ( an Indian cricket league) But, I was in for a surprise. I decided to spend the night in the balcony with my pillow and a chatai (a portable indian mattress) .
It was a cloudy night. Heavy rains had just stopped. The moon could be seen .. not too bright , just a blurry white that looked more like a cloud.
Sometime later , as clouds cleared ,few stars made their


Greeting the night sky with their twinkling .
Occassionally pleasant breeze would touch my face, and I could hear the rustling of the water laden tree leaves behind me .
It was still drizzling and a few drops would hit my face from time to time.
There , I had a moment with my soul. 🖤
And the rest of the night went away partying with the soul.

PS. It’s morning now, there is still no power . My phone is at 3 percent . 😂

Bye .