Behold! It’s the 21st century..

Behold, its the 21st century,
ohh ! .. the wonders it has brought,
Hmm.. the earth is a little more hot,
It’s climate change… so what ?
Broadening minds and narrowing hearts,
the world is now smaller, but in many parts.
Beautiful smiles lined with the most expensive lipsticks,

both men and women, now hide it all better.

Calls are frequent, but connections are rare,

Blend in – Blend in.. ohh, don’t you dare..

For yes, the gen Z may be more “understanding”

but in the same breath so unforgiving.

But I pity them .

Ye Dil 💕 (This heart ! )

Ye Dil ka Jo haal hai

Bada bemisaal hai…

Dikhata hai ye kai sapne,

Aur vash me nahi rehta Apne

Bekaboo bekaraar bekhabar hai ,

Fir bhi pata nhi ise kiska Sabar hai…

Kabhi Khushiyan ati hai iske Naam,

To kabhi ansuo ke Peeta hai ye jaam

Ye Dil ka Jo haal hai

Bada bemisaal hai…

Is Dil Ko woh kabhi bhi mila,

Jise dekh kar ye kabhi khila.

Pyaar me hojate hai is Dil se kayi gunaah,

Aur ye Dil rota h , fir bhi tune alag hi raasta chuna…

Yaad to ab bhi karta hai Dil teri…

Kehta hai kabhi to puri hogi meri ye kahani

Ye Dil…..💔

Speechless 😞

I may say a thousand things like I am ashamed,
I feel bad ,
I feel sad ,
I feel mad !
But deep down I know these have merely turned into rheoterics.
Everyday I hear a new case
I see ‘disgust’ take a new face !
My poem will not bring her and a thousand other ‘hers’ back
Neither will your tweets,
Or a front page headline..
Empty promises and stone hearts ,
The same ones from the past !
Humanity staring at us … aghast ,
But I still write with the hope that
Someday it will melt a heart ,
Heal a soul so teared apart .
Today I may be fine ,
Writing this poem from my room

But am I  Just waiting for my doom?

#No words #Rape