Rains and me..

It was just drizzling and I wanted to step outside.
But somehow, I coudnt.
I was looking for someone to give me a little push,
even tho I never needed one when I was little.
Time took from me the courage to offer myself to the rain.
Now it was
only thru the winds I dared, to touch the rain.

Moving towards glory? 🙁

Why is that while everything around is burning to ashes , the “supreme creature human” is as cold as ever ?
Not far,
A time when we have no water just egos to gulp down our throats.

A time when we have no air just miseries to breath up.

A time when we have no trees just concrete dust to look up.
But what’s there to worry,
Aren’t we all headed towards glory ?

Well that’s what has been taught to us in theory ..
It’s time.
It’s time..we say sorry.