It’s her birthday ! ❤️

Today is 23 April. It’s mom’s birthday .

Happiest birthday mom !! All the love and happiness to you ! 😍

Well today , somebody told me to write a poem about her .

Mom, a few words are not enough to describe your role in my life . I can write pages and still it will never be enough . So here are just two lines I would say to you today ,

Lafzo me bayaan kar nhi sakti , maa teri zaroorat,

Jag me sabse pyaari teri soorat ❤️

~ your daughter

A simple translation: 

Dearest mom, your importance in my life is beyond words,

You are the most beautiful of all. ❤️


Maa❤️(Mother) : Bilingual poem

Maa Hoti hai Anmol ,
Nahi samjta hai  koi is baat ka mol.
Bachpan me thamti hai pehla kadam ,
Pee leti h Sara gum.
Kehti nhi hai na kisi sawal Ko ,
Pyaar se deti hai  har jawab Ko.
Humari jholi Khushiyon se Bharti hai,
Aur hamare liye duniya se ladti hai.
Maa Hoti h anmol… ❤️
We don’t realise how lucky we are to have her !
She loves like no other..
She walks with us the first steps.
And talks us out of the worsts…
We ask a thousand questions and she answers them all with a smile.
She fights  the world for us
She is joy. She is care. She is pure love.
She is mother !
Loves like no other❤️
NOTE : This is my first attempt to translate my hindi poem in English .
(It didn’t rhyme )
I apologise for any mistakes.
Feedbacks are welcome please. 🙏
I hope you understand the love behind❤️