I Can Fly !! 😃

It was a warm Saturday morning. Sitting on the breakfast table , my tummy was refusing to take in all the yummy food as  it was going around in twists and turns.  No,  it was  not upset. Already my tummy was not being very nice to me, my mind decided to join in .
One part of it wanting to book a cab as early as possible and the other just  wanting to not move from my chair.In the next 2 hours or so I had to catch my first flight solo.
With both my hands full of luggage ,(refusing to take a trolley because I didn’t  know where to keep it back 🤣) ,  my heart filled with excitement and my mind filled with … wait my mind was going blank  , I was standing at the airport gate as if I was waiting for my fate. I stepped into the airport..  every step telling me , ” are you going in the right direction?”. After irritating half a dozen passengers by repeatedly asking if I am standing in the correct queue I was finally done with the security check  .
As I settled on my seat , fastened my seatbelt, checking it every two seconds and making it an inch tighter everytime , I stared outside the plane window thinking nothing (or just trying not to) . My thoughts were interrupted by the safety announcements which   I watched with  utmost sincerity . I turned around to see nobody paying attention , my inner voice wanting to shout ” hey fellow adventurers , she is pouring words of wisdom. Listen !”
As the plane took off  I closed my eyes, coiled up in my seat and waited for the magic to happen ! . After a few minutes of feeling dizzy, ticklish  and being pushed into my seat , I opened my eyes to see who the culprit was.. I blame physics .😂 By this time , my neighbour has realised,  this was my first flight and he chuckled to himself…. I dared to look outside the window and let out an enthusiastic   “WOW ! ” Everybody laughed and I was just too happy to care …For the rest of the journey I acted like a child who had been introduced to the world .
As I was collecting  my luggage from the belt I  snapped my hand .. but who cares .. I was  on land.  On the exit gate I paused and turned back (insert dramatic music🎵) to feel a sense of accomplishme….. ” Hey , move your luggage , you are blocking the way!” Honestly I was not pleased at him for ruining my moment. I grabbed my luggage and paced towards the cab. A stupid smile covered my face and I called my mom to tell her I have landed !! 😁