Oh time, you are wicked!

Time is a concept so timeless, so eternal.
Yet, why sometimes I find it dull?
On some days it just speaks to me
Other, it’s just waiting to pass.
At times, I find myself wishing for ‘it’ to last,
Why does it always seems to favor the past?
But then who am I to question the endless authority of time,
for it is ‘precious’ and I am just a dime.
Time time an endless rhyme.
Its everything and nothing at the same time.
I bow to thee for it completes my rhyme in every line.
Time time an endless rhyme.

You are wicked.

Moving towards glory? 🙁

Why is that while everything around is burning to ashes , the “supreme creature human” is as cold as ever ?
Not far,
A time when we have no water just egos to gulp down our throats.

A time when we have no air just miseries to breath up.

A time when we have no trees just concrete dust to look up.
But what’s there to worry,
Aren’t we all headed towards glory ?

Well that’s what has been taught to us in theory ..
It’s time.
It’s time..we say sorry.