The girl and her shadow

Sitting on the dark cold floor is the shadow of a girl who laughs loudly in broad day light.
She is never out of words but, her shadow has nothing to say..
She has her pockets filled with hope,
but her shadow is just tumbling down the slope.
And yet, they both go along so well
Just because she is a liar!

Pyaare Kalam ( Dear Pen)

Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai likh likh kar kitni baatien baya karun
per fir sochti hu Kalam se bhi Kya haya karun.
Pyaare Kalam,
Ye baat Maine tumse kabhi na puchi
Jaane Kyu muje na sujhi
Koi gum hai toh tum bhi bataado
Jo koi shiqwa ho to jataado..

Muje malum tha.. tum kuch na bologe.
Bass mere shabdo ka wazan chup chaap dho loge.
Yahi faraq hai tum Mai aur muhj Mai.
Mai lekhak Hoon.

bass sunana jaanta huun.

Aur tum ..sirf sun na chahte ho.

Pyaare Kalam,
tum zariya ho mere ehsaaso ka
tum dariyaan ho mere aasun ka.
Per tumse zyda unn shabdo ki ahmiyat hai.
Mai Kya karun.. Kuch aesi hi meri niyat Hai.
Yahi faraq Hai tum Mai aur mujh mai
Mai lekhak Hoon…
Dil tumhe saup diyan hai..
Aur khud patthar ban baitha hun.

I just hope… ( A poem on depression)

Do I not give you space?

Sorry, I go back to those days,when I had it a little too much

and nobody..

not even my own self in touch.

I just hope that you are really fine,
and it’s not of those rhetorical lines.

Do I talk a lot ?
Sorry, I go back to that lonely walk,

when the words I uttered,

went completely unheard.

I just hope somebody’s listening to you,

patiently understanding what you went thru.

Are you tired of hearing my past

do you know how dark a shadow it casts,

on my soul?
The tears just roll.

I just hope when you remember your past once in a while ,

it always make you smile.

Yes I still
I go back to those days again
When everything seemed in vain.

Yes I know,

My emotions are a little overdone
I bet I am not the only one.

I am not the only one..