In and out

We all have those uninvited moments where we doubt our decisions , our choices and ….fear … just takes over.

Today my heart has been in and out
I don’t know what is it about
Its one of those days,
When my fears wants to go naked
Whether , will I be be able to make


Do you also have those fears ?

Birthdays are stupid?

It’s been a long time since I posted anything.

Hello Everyone!

So a few days back I ‘celebrated’ my 22nd birthday. Well you must be wondering why that celebrated is in quotes.

One day before my birthday I was day dreaming about how happy and happening tomorrow will be for me. Then it hit me, that my everyday can be this happy, this exciting … but only if I choose to make it that way.

By now this post has started sounding cliché but the only wisdom my 22nd birthday taught me is the concept of birthdays is stupid.😂I am sorry

Go on .. have a big cake on your birthday..but hey, don’t forget to have a small pastry everyday.❤️

Ok I am done. Bye for now.