Thankyou to each and everyone. ❤

I hope you all are doing good! 😁

Be you ! 🌸

If you haven’t found a place to fit in yet,don’t worry .
The world is not a god damn puzzle ! 
It’s a hustle.
You do what you know the best . 
Why is this world obsessed, 
with seeking approval? 
After all we all are so cruel.


Once again I want to return to that summer of 2005 when I was 8 years old.
Fantasizing about making my own decisions but not yet making them.
wanting to be one of the adults but not yet

ready for it.

learning and hearing about things , people and everything that’s in between because I want to and not because I have to.
Once again I want to go back to that place from where I wouldn’t be just thinking about this poem but living it.

Moving towards glory? 🙁

Why is that while everything around is burning to ashes , the “supreme creature human” is as cold as ever ?
Not far,
A time when we have no water just egos to gulp down our throats.

A time when we have no air just miseries to breath up.

A time when we have no trees just concrete dust to look up.
But what’s there to worry,
Aren’t we all headed towards glory ?

Well that’s what has been taught to us in theory ..
It’s time.
It’s time..we say sorry.