Rains and me..

It was just drizzling and I wanted to step outside.
But somehow, I coudnt.
I was looking for someone to give me a little push,
even tho I never needed one when I was little.
Time took from me the courage to offer myself to the rain.
Now it was
only thru the winds I dared, to touch the rain.

After so long…

I picked up a pen and paper
and as I sat, I felt this hollow in my heart like I cant breathe but just write.
I felt an old pain that has surfaced above , like a lost message in the bottle .
l felt the fear building around my bones,
all the uncertainity biting on my soul.
I sensed this strange, scary but , so familiar darkness around me.
After so long , I felt that my mind had too much to say but my heart was numb.

The page before me was blank.

Finding beauty

I am not a photographer and I annoy my friends to the last bit , stopping every minute anywhere, a busy market, morning/ evening walks or just in the middle of the road, to capture some really ordinary frames. I somehow find them beautiful . Sharing them with you 🙂

(PS. This is a very different kinda post

Would love to hear from you all. )

A loner

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