A confession

Thousands of words and hundreds of verses for the world out there to read,
and all this while its been my need.
And today I’d confess of not being a poet or a ‘writer’
but rather a fighter.
Now before you indulge in this cringy rhyme
let me lay this for you..
every now and then when life seems to get a bit much… my soul turns into a battle field and every emotion on the run find its way on the paper like blood flowing out of a wound on a cotton gauze.
And if my words touches any readers,
Dear you , I admire you for being brave enough to have acknowledged your struggles or kind enough to understand mine.
Thankyou 🙂

Sunday Musings

Muse 1

Choices or not ?

Would you rather
use your lifesavings to repair your beloved but broken old home
build a new one?
pick up the shattered pieces of your favorite frame off the floor and in process cut your fingers
buy a new one and walk past the old pieces, even if it hurts your feet?

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