Speechless 😞

I may say a thousand things like I am ashamed,
I feel bad ,
I feel sad ,
I feel mad !
But deep down I know these have merely turned into rheoterics.
Everyday I hear a new case
I see ‘disgust’ take a new face !
My poem will not bring her and a thousand other ‘hers’ back
Neither will your tweets,
Or a front page headline..
Empty promises and stone hearts ,
The same ones from the past !
Humanity staring at us … aghast ,
But I still write with the hope that
Someday it will melt a heart ,
Heal a soul so teared apart .
Today I may be fine ,
Writing this poem from my room

But am IΒ  Just waiting for my doom?

#No words #Rape

9 thoughts on “Speechless 😞

    1. Talking about animals I have always believed that they are better than humans . Atleast they never mean intentional harm . They only attack when they feel threatened! I believe a point has come where we as humans are literally speechless of what’s happening around us in the sense that we do have become so used to such incidents that it’s ……. Just sounds like another day to us . 😞😞🀐

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