Dear India ..why?

Dear India ,why?

Whenever we want our voices to be heard,
Why do inanimate objects need to be butchered.?
Why do buses have to be lit?
Or stones have to be hit?
Through  the path of injustice
We all are rooting for justice .
The irony is strong .
Are’nt we all somewhere wrong ?

21 thoughts on “Dear India ..why?

    1. Ohh yes .. I just checked my spam . There were 2 comments from you . I guess you also nominated me for 3quotes challenge. And this .
      Thankyou so much . 😃 . It has always been difficult for me to write about myself , but I will try . 🤗


  1. This is true. In my opinion, violence and aggression are never the answer to anything. When people feel they are not being heard and the atrocities continue, they will naturally escalate their behavior. None of it is right but what does one do when civil discourse is not working?

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  2. Why – it’s really difficult or rather next to impossible to get answer to these questions. Because today the hunger has bested the morality. Hunger to succeed, hunger to earn money, hunger to rise! We all are crazily running to satiate our hunger. Everyone (including myself) is at fault.

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  3. There is nothing wrong in running for whatever you are want as long as it is correct and the means you follow is also moral . But asking for ‘justice through the mean


      1. How do you define what’s correct? Short cuts! Fast tracked money, etc are some of the means due to which half of the youth are getting off the track. Humanity would be a lost concept soon if the race doesn’t stop. Sorry if I am sounding pessimistic and philosophical but I am trying to keep my words as low key as possible

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      2. Niraj, this conversation is endless,🤔I believe . I wrote this poem in the light of recent violent protests and strikes taking place in India regarding the judgement of SC(you know for the act) . My only message here is will destroying national property serve their purpose? . I am sorry if I am sounding rude .

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      3. Hi Tanya, absolutely in line with what you said. Actually this conversation is endless. But you see this is all due to an emotional outburst of whatever happened in Kathua. I am sorry if I went off the context a bit. My apologies ! 😔

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  4. Ah ! Actually I am talking about the St Sc act judgement . The protest were more prevalent in North India . This poem has nothing to do with the Kathua case. It’s alright 🙂
    I guess we both misunderstood each other .


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