Childhood Revisited ❤️

I want to live those days again,
When my heart used to dance
and my mind was free.
My biggest fear was ‘the dark’,
And I wanted to befriend a shark… (I know😂)


I want to live those days again ,
When the littlest wounds made me cry
But in no time they used to dry .
When joy was around the corner ,
And hugs were much warmer.


I want to live those days again ,
When the looks  didn’t matter
And I was a nonstop chatter
When innocence was at its best,
And mom used to take care of the rest …


I want to live those days again
When there was nothing a good laugh couldn’t cure,
And those smiles were all so pure !
I want to live those days again ……

33 thoughts on “Childhood Revisited ❤️

  1. After reading this, even I want to revisit my childhood days! Those were fun. Then we always wanted to be bigger and now we wanted to go back there again- Ironical! 😁

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  2. It is always lovely to re-visit those carefree days of our youth. They were for the most part, worry free, and we are a result of that wonderful experience! Your poem epitomizes that longing for an uncomplicated life and I reminisced about my own childhood whilst reading your upbeat words.”innocence was at its best..” – Indeed it was. A lovely contribution for my poetry challenge for April. Well done and thanks for linking! I look forward to more great work from you again.

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  3. HI Tanya! Found you through A and I Poetry Challenge.
    Thank you for this poetry offering – a wistful reminder of how simpler life used to be. And a call to perhaps go back to living life simply; Mom may not be there to catch us now, but we certainly can be there to catch someone else; or laugh; or Smile. Thank you!

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